Our Marketing Services Get You Results

NESIMA recognizes that marketing is essential to the success of all companies in today's environment. Educating potential and current clients about company products and services is vital to preserving and expanding market position.

NESIMA develops and builds computer based presentation programs to market company products and/or services in an informed and impressive fashion.

Such programs allow customers to obtain the information they are interested in with minimum time and effort. The programs can range from simple slides with narration, to sophisticated interactive multi-media presentations. Our clients have used such programs as tools for marketing representatives or as stand-alone presentations, thereby cutting down on marketing costs. This is an outstanding way to condense and convey information and is highly effective in capturing client attention.

NESIMA works closely with clients to design and develop programs for their specific needs. We have a wide range of programming tools, which provide a variety of applications.

Marketing services include identifying and developing international trade opportunities for clients.

Currently our efforts are focused on the United States and Turkey. Given the market potential of both countries, there is great interest by companies in both to expand their scope. NESIMA represents companies in both countries. Our present activities are in the chemical industry and related fields. We are expanding our field of interest as the demand arises.
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