NESIMA Helps You Achieve Success
NESIMA is an integrated management consulting firm founded to help corporations and institutions meet the strategic, managerial, organizational, and operational challenges of today. Through our diverse network of capabilities and associates, our company is unique in its ability to address the individual needs of each client in an efficient manner.

NESIMA accomplishes the above objectives through the following practice areas:

ESHA Online Training
Environmental Safety and Health Applications

Training Services

Management Consulting

Multimedia Services
Multimedia Hosted Clients

Technical Consulting

Marketing Services

Our mission is to help our clients attain outstanding success through capitalizing on key opportunities for growth and improvement. From the initial planning stages, NESIMA works closely with clients to help set direction and goals. We are involved in diagnosing your needs and achieving your production, marketing and/or training objectives. Our results-oriented solutions are applicable and add value to your company.


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